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Senin, 30 Maret 2009

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Proxy Gratis untuk Internet

A proxy server receives a request for an Internet service (such as a Web page request) from a user. If it passes filtering requirements, the proxy server, assuming it is also a cache server, looks in its local cache of previously downloaded Web pages. If it finds the page, it returns it to the user without needing to forward the request to the Internet. If the page is not in the cache, the proxy server, acting as a client on behalf of the user, uses one of its own IP addresses to request the page from the server out on the Internet. When the page is returned, the proxy server relates it to the original request and forwards it on to the user. more information see

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Kamis, 26 Maret 2009

tips for master cradit free

want to have a debit card is free, please click on the join baner
TIPS can be a debit card free of FRIENDFINDER

ahahaha. After TIPS AND TRICKS BUSINESS ONLINE here looking for information there is a steady business to be followed, have nemu ni nemu way we have currently a free debit card from a bank abroad bro. can create a tool for business ...: z is guampank aja cuman participate friendfinder ...
Interested ni have not own a debit card? Ikutin truz therefore do not kemana2 .. : D

What is friendfinder? Pertemanan FriendFinder is the site where we can communicate with some members from around the world. Only with a list of FriendFinder, we can get a debit card free of a Royal Bank of Scotland. muantap khan, lumayan bwat showroom in the village .. huehehe .. katrok: D. The card is very useful to verified paypal, the money from our affiliate in FriendFinder or do other ATM in the world, all you have to have a logo mastercardnya.pokoknya internet business, a steady dech ... this card: z lumayan kan have that we do not ... need kwatir card page legal, safe and reliable and the most important free. (Now that I TIPS AND TRICK ONLINE BUSINESS Suka .. hehe ..: z) go ahhh ... how do I get the card and get the page from FriendFinder? Please read carefully and follow the steps.
First you list in the first FrindFinder kllik baner

Then, click Join Now

Fill your data lengkap dg.
I am a: Man if you are men, women, Woman, if you
Interested in a meeteng: Man if you want to explore / dg are male, some female woman, or you can select both of them.
For: Friendship (are), Dating (ketemuan), Serious relationship (hbungan serious), Marriage (married), you can select more than one, can also select all. it's aj yg enak .. : z
Birthdate: Date of birth you
Country: Your Country
Zip / Postal code: Leave blank only if you are in addition to United States (U.S. only) I do live in the United States, y please .. i want to be filled : z
Email Address: Fill in your email
Username: your username between 4 to 16 characters
Then click Click Here and Have Fun
After that you enter next ketahap.
City: City where you live
Closest City: Same as above
State: Propinsi you
Your Height: Your Highest
Your Body Type: Type of your body
Your Race: Race your race or if you usually is Asia
Marital Status:'s your wedding
Your Religion: Religion You
Your Education: Education last you
Your Occupation: Employment Staff if you eg your employees, if you are the Business etc..
Introduction Title: Title of yourself, you can make I am a good or I like Man Traveling 10 characters minimum etc.
Tell others about yourself: mention about you, it's in English, for example, I am a good women, I like travel and my hobby reading, computer, sports, and others, i love new friend men or women, make love-love you , minimum 50 characters.
If you already have images uploadlah your photos, click browse ago I find the file containing your photo. If you do not have fota you can empty the first dikemudian days later you can fill it again.
Then click Click to Join FriendFinder.
After that, open your email, then click Activate Now
So you have activated, if you want to fill some login username and password you have in your email.

Well this card ... he was exhausted. LANJUTTTT ...

Come out after that first click log off.
Then, click: CLICK baner
Click Affiliates.
Then click Affiliate Signup.
Fill in the data page dg correct.
Preferred Program: Choose the no 1
First Name: Your first name
Last Name: Name of your final
URL: Website / your blog, you must fill in, if you have not yet made any for example, but this is only for a while later you can change.
Desired password: Password I want you
Preferred Newsletter Language: English
Email Address: Enter your email
Secondary Email Address: Email you the other, may also cleared
Checks payable to: Your full name according to your ID card
Street Address: Address your ID card
City: City where you live
State / Province: Province where you live
Country: Your Country
ZIP / Postal Code: Your Zip Code
What is your business tax Classification? Empty because it was for American citizens
Tax ID or Social Security Number: Clear only because United States citizens to
Phone Number: No telp you make some format such as no telp You then create a 021 1234567 or 6221 1234567 hp no 081xxxxx then you make 6281xxxxx.
Which Instant Messenger do you use? Just select None
Use ePassporte: Select only No
Please give us your comments: Make a comment you like Thank You, Heloo what aj .. :)
Then click Click Here for the Last Step
Then click the small box you have any posts
Yes, I have read and accepted the Affiliate Agreement, bla bla .... pokoke english .. : D
Then click Submit.
Then click Account Information
Then click here do any posts on the blue Here is your account information. Click here to update your information.
Click Payoneer: Signup to be paid by Prepaid MasterCard ®. You will be directed to FriendFinder a page hosted by Payoneer, where you can sign up for a card.
Then fill in the data on your Payoneer page, after you wait Fill approximately 20 days until your card in your home, after a debit card until you follow the instructions ago aktivasilah existing disurat I sent some cards with you.

Look at your email again, well there you will be given a username and password for the affiliate. Login as a member as affiliate login dg is different Loch is not ...: D
Join with you in the affiliate FriendFinder also join some kroni-kroninya/anak-anak fruit .. hehe:) FriendFinder, many in fact, have adultfrindfinder etc.,
This site is a little smelly porn tp koq ga porno2 very, we only take the benefits only. TIPS AND TRICK ONLINE BUSINESS not invite you to berporno ria lo yaaaaa, but only the benefits are, that is a debit card and dolarnya. pokoke highlight khan debitnya card we can make a business online BETUL ... GA ...: z
Isn'T TIPS AND TRICK ONLINE BUSINESS aj, certainly all the friends of the same hobby business online senank nie .. : z free lumayan .. hehe ...

uda ahh .. please do ikutin above aja kalo interested, thank ya interested. klo ga ya interested .... G tau dech .. : z

I will have more info, certainly presented here directly ...: z
What about nie opinion all friends?

pay per clik sepertinya ha ha ha he he

jadi milioner/jutawan klik baner dibawah

Nembak IP dari Jauh! DDOS (For LAN)

Cara 1 :
Ini yang dinamakan dengan Lan Flood pasang software WIncap, setelah dipasang/ install dan jalankan WinArpattaker.

Disitu akan terlihat banyak menu2, klik SCAN untuk mencari IP target di LAN secara Otomatis

Lihat akan terlihat IP dari LAN secara otomatis, dan akan coba salah satu IP tersebut IP atas nama RIZKA, centang kotak disamping IP tersebut

Masuk ke OPTION sett berapa yang mau kita pergunakan, coba set semaksimal mungkin, klik apply lalu Ok kembali ke menu utama klik ATTACK pilih FLOOD, tunggu beberapa menit maka akan nampak hasilnya

Cara 2 :
Dengan memakai Script Perl, cari Server yang mau disusupin, kemudian pasang script perl.
setelah itu tinggal diketik di commnands dengan perrintahnya perl ./ [IP] [Port] [Timer].
untuk scriptna bisa diambil di

hxxp:// >>

pay per clik adsane dapat comisi

mumpung gratis, register sekarang bonus Rp.100.000,00
buktikan sendiri klo saya dah buktikan makanya aku buat tulisan ini walau ancur
yang penting aku gak bohong to?
klik aja

ayo gabung di pay to clik bisa di update trus dapat mastercard gratis silahkan klik disini buktikan sendiri klo tidak percaya aku sudah buktikan bonus dan dapat $ 0,01 setiap kali klik iklan dan lebih lengkapnya silahkan klik disini

jangan lupa klik ini juga ya